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High Concept

Rejoin Thomas on his heroic misadventure to escape a prison for the criminally insane in the 2D side-scrolling adventure game. 

Earth’s most noteworthy legend, caught in a jail for the criminally insane.

Fight through three covetous groups inside the jails compound.

Defeat vicious faction leaders and gain their weapons to enable Thomas to get away.

Scour the compound and attempt to discover what the jail is endeavoring to conceal.

Fight new foes at no other time found in the pinnacle of Thomas’ story!

Our favorite protagonist is back! Thomas the very brave and very skilled ex-intergalactic janitor is in need of help from St. Morpalus’s inmates to discover the prisons dark secrets….

New characters can give Thomas an advantage in escaping with their unique abilities and weapons!

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Coming soon!

Introducing our new card game that will be releasing soon! Icarus Requiem invites players to work together to defeat an alien horde! Learn a bit about our new game’s charters and their back stories!

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