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Icarus Requiem

Alpha Group is a highly trained military force on board humanity’s greatest achievement, the space station called “The Icarus.” Created by Admiral Morrison and under the command of his daughter, Grace Morrison, Alpha Group has been the bulwark to protect Earth and her people. Their most recent battle was the battle above Morpalus, where Alpha Group fought against Humanities first encounter with an alien race. They fought long and hard against the grotesque creatures found on the planet, and manage to secure a strange alien relic. The crew on board the Icarus hope to discover more by studying the relic, but Alpha Group may have doomed them all.

Name: Grace Morrison
Nickname: War Mother
Profession: Commander
Born: United States of America, Earth.
Age: 30

Born to renown Admiral, Ryan Morrison, Grace’s life was destined in the military. At age 10 she was drafted into military school where she spent most of her life training to become an officer for the UEMF. She spent nearly a decade in school and graduated at the top of her class. During her time as an officer, she became incredibly admired for her actions in both The Robot Uprising and The Outworld Rebellion. Because of her military expertise, she was quickly transferred to the Icarus, a space station run by her father, and was given command over a newly formed advanced military force named “Alpha Group”.

Name: Isabella Foss
Nickname: Doc
Profession: Medic
Born: Opportunity, Mars.
Age: 21

Nearly three years ago, a strange pathogen spread throughout Mars, causing the planet to become completely quarantined. The disease killed many of its victims within three days, making research on a cure extremely difficult. The plague lasted for many months, many physicians from Mars created protective mask and armor inspired off of plague doctors from the 14th century. Doctor Foss, like many of her fellow physicians worked countless hours to find a cure for the dreaded disease that has already wiped out 43% of the planets’ population. Eventually they were able to create a cure thanks to some quick research from Foss who discovered the origins of the disease spreading from fauna originally found on Phobos. Her medical expertise and ability to work under pressure caused Admiral Morrison to gain an interest in her, and asked her to join the newly created Alpha Group.

Name: Argus Carras
Nickname: Vigil
Profession: Sniper
Born: Olympus, Mars
Age: 37

Argus was born to a poor family on the streets of Olympus. Because of his family’s financial status, at age 12 Argus enlisted in the Martian Military Force to help stabilize them. During the War for Mars, forces from Phobos and Deimos managed to conquer Olympus, forcing Argus and his squadron to go into hiding. His squad, nicknamed “Hades Hounds”, managed to create a secret safe haven for many of the civilians still trapped within the city. Argus spent many days without sleep, watching and stalking enemy forces and taking them out before they could find the safe haven. This earned him the nickname “Vigil” among his squad. When the MMF and UEMF manage to regain control of Olympus, they were amazed at the tales Hades Hounds spread about him, and Admiral Morrison requested him to be transferred to Alpha Group due to his bravery.

Name: Richard Fiedler
Nickname: Psycho
Profession: Spreader
Born:Vulcan’s Furnace, Venus
Age: 25

Like all citizens of the Furnace, Richard had a huge fascination for fire. Because of their psychotic interest, almost all citizens of the planet were enlisted into a special military force known as “The Flame Corps” for the UEMF. These terrifying soldiers were equipped with a strange weapon that would spew an acidic material that would melt enemies and light entire areas on fire. During the Outerworld Rebellion, the Flame Corps saw increased deployment on places like Neptune and Pluto. During the Rebellion, Richard’s sadism in burning his victims alive, and burning down entire settlements, caused the Admiral Morrison to have a keen interest in him, and requested him to be transferred over to Alpha Group.

Name: Mk. II Battle Bot-17760
Nickname: Shadow
Profession: Infiltrator
Born: Robo Co Industries. Titan
Age: 8

After running flawlessly for 15 years, Robo Co Industries had a malfunction. A bug in the system caused many of the newly created Mk. II’s to gain free-will. Many of the robot’s fought against their human creators, not wanting to be slaves to their construction and wars. These robots started what would be known as the Robot Uprisings that would span the many moons of both Jupiter and Saturn. However not all robots aligned themselves with the rebellion, Bot-17760 believed that they should peacefully join the humans as equals, instead of fight them. This caused many robots to attack her, causing her to be severely damaged and forcing her to go offline, until a robot with similar interest came to rescue her, Construction Bot-14367. 14367 was able to fully repair 17760 and even upgrade her, giving her the ability to become completely invisible. When the UEMF began to fight against the robots, 17760, 14367 and a few other robots joined the humans in their campaign. When 17760 was revealed to the Admiral Morrison, he was surprised to see a free-willed robot with the ability to go completely invisible, and he asked her to join Alpha Group, to which she agreed to, but not without 14367.

Name: Suzume Hata
Nickname: Wraith
Profession: Swordsmen
Born: Japan, Earth
Age: 42

Suzume was born in Osaka Japan. Her family was part of a group of people called the “Kensai”  that tried to reintroduce the way of the samurai to the galaxy. After thirty years of trying, they were eventually successful, and many of their members went on to enlist in the UEMF as the newly founded “Swordsmen Infantry.” She was inspired to follow in the footsteps of her father, who taught her Bushido at a very young age. Following the ancient law to its highest extent, Suzume was shaped into a formidable warrior. Throughout almost every war the UEMF has fought the Swordsmen fought as a special force of unit, taking out enemies swiftly and inspiring allies on the field. Her heroic battle on Triton during the Outerworld Rebellion caused her to gain the attention of the Admiral Morrison, who quickly requested her to be transferred over to Alpha Group. 

Name: Mk. II Construction Bot-14367
Nickname: Hardhat
Profession: Engineer
Born: Robo Co Industries, Titan
Age: 8

Battle bot’s weren’t the only robots to gain free-will during the Robot Uprisings, many constructor bots were also gifted with it. Many of these bot’s actually opposed the idea of the war with humanity, but couldn’t match the strength of the battlebots to fight against them. When 17760 began to spread her ideas of living peacefully with the humans, 14367 saw this as an opportunity for the construction bots to have a fighting chance against the battlebots. When 17760 was severely damaged, 14367 went out of his way to completely repair her. However he felt that the repair wasn’t enough for her to continue the fight, and started to program her with an upgrade he began to work on shortly after gaining his free-will. This upgrade would allow 17760 to become completely invisible. As the battle against the Bots waged on 14367 would construct pylons that could boost friendly shields and damage, as well as weaken enemies. When 17760 was discovered by Admiral Morrison, and asked to join Alpha Group, she agreed, but only if 14367 was also able to join. The two became very close during their time in the Group.  

Name: Thurmond Eklund
Nickname: Thor
Profession: Masher
Born: Jotunheim, Pluto
Age: 50

Pluto is a harsh and bitter dwarf planet, many of its inhabitants are viewed as a mad, chaotic people, which is only partially true. When the first people settled on the planet, they inspired their way of life to that of ancient norse warriors. Overtime, these humans evolved and became bigger in both weight and height, which helped combat the extreme weather of the dwarf planet. As time went on, the people of Pluto, as well as Neptune and Uranus became frustrated by Earth’s increased tax of supplies to their planets, this caused the trio to form the Outerworld Alliance, and eventually started a rebellion against Earth and her allies. Thurmond Eklund, a “warlord” from Jotunheim, struck fear in the hearts of many UEMF soldiers during the war, his clan helped capture many bases, and earned him a notorious reputation among the UEMF. Despite his many victories, the Rebellion didn’t have the technology and numbers compared to the UEMF. When the war was over, instead of arresting the rebels and their leaders, the UEMF planned to persuade many of them to enlist in their military force. Almost all the rebellion forces joined the UEMF under the newly founded “Masher Corps”, expect for Thurmond, who was given the option to join Alpha Group by Admiral Morrison himself.

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