Previous Projects

Scrapyard Games’ first project as a team, and the first game in the Icarus series!

Join Thomas on his first adventure! A space station called the Icarus is left in his hands after strange aliens take over. Can you escape with Thomas’ life?

A third-person side scrolling futuristic ride focused on Thomas Wright and this journey to defeat the alien horde and escape.

“Clean up on the Icarus” is a survival and escape based on science fiction with comical elements. set abroad a fictional space station with aliens taking control over the ship and crew. 

The goal of the game is to be the first person to obtain the required number of tokens.

Morpalus is an planet far outside the reaches of modern science.  In about a thousand years, a military group makes contact on the ground. The Alpha Group makes their way through the planet and comes across alien ruins. They take an ancient relic from these ruins, releasing hoards of enemies upon them. Alpha Group was the first team lost to the wrath of the relic.

Obtaining a token can be achieved by either completing relic pieces or being the last player at the end of a round. Players that are knocked out for a round can still play the game once the round is over. 

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