Scrapyard Games

Jeffrey Pelley

Project Lead

Jeff is our team's fearless leader, taking on anything and everything we need as a team.

Anthony Cartelle


Jeff's favorite errand boy, and our teams go to for questions and help when Jeff is preoccupied. The brain behind our first game and the author of our story.

Art Team

Vivian Huynh


Vivian is one of our artists. She does great work for our game covers, sprites, and backgrounds. She also makes amazing card art backgrounds and logos for our analog games.

Katie Habina


Katie's art is seen all throughout our series. Sprites from our first game, our card game characters, concept art and more!

Matt Cooper


Matt makes great concept ideas and art for our games. He came up with characters, bosses, and enemies for our analog games.

Sara Torres

Artist and Design Liaison

Sara exceeds in animations and sprite and tile art. She also makes sure that the design team gets exactly what they need from the artists.


Nadir Diggs


Nadir does great work on level design. Always making sure that our levels have some difficulty, but just enough to get by. Nadir also makes fantastic sound effects for our digital game.

Olivia Hartline

Design and Art

Olivia does level design, background art, and the site you are currently looking at.

Jean Lavigne

Design and Animation

Jean animates players, enemies, and bosses with guidance of Vivian. Walking, jumping, and our characters special abilities were done by him.


Jayvon Roberts


Jayvon love to read books on programming and implement code, HUD, and icons into Unity.

Patrick Conway


Patrick writes and breaks code for our game.

David Kim


David cuts and writes code to make our game run smoothly.

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